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Wesley Walker also known as RP Big Wes was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Hardy & Amy Walker. Being from Alabama most of Wesley’s childhood consisted of sports specifically Football. His father Hardy Walker was a former football start who played football at the University of Alabama 1981-1985, due to the Wesley always had a deep passion for football. 
Although Wesley’s dream was to play in the NFL he battled injuries his entire high school career and during his junior he found other passions in Business, Fashion and Music. After graduationg from Shades Valley High School, he would attend the University of Alabama. While at the University of Alabama his love for music kept growing and he would eventually start a promotion group/record label with a group of friends that included popular Dj and A&R: Dj Acoff. The record label would be known as Riche Posse and it has grown over the years.

Wesley went from helping manage and market artist to becoming one his self. He started artist development in late 2019 and has spent the last few years creating his sound and mastering his craft. He recently dropped his debut single 10-12 Days and his working on his Ep “Big Wes Mt. Everest” 

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